It is the Little Foxes that Spoil the Vines

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes” (Song of Solomon 2:15).

Song of Solomon 2:15; (Adam Clarke’s Commentary)

Take us the foxes—”That these were ruinous to vines all authors allow. They love the vine, and they are eaten in autumn in some countries, according to Galen, when they are very fat with eating the grapes. They abounded in Judea; and did most damage when the clusters were young and tender. …’Take care of the vineyard: set the traps for the foxes, which are spoiling the vines; and destroy their young as far as possible.’“

It is the small things that trip the children of God as they go about their daily walk. When a great catastrophe strikes it is obvious to the most casual observer and attention becomes immediately focused on damage control and aid to those most closely associated with it.

The time to plan for the large things that can happen in life is before the event not after it has struck.  The time to decide what a person will do in an emergency is now while there is none.  Those that coach sports teams spend hours in contemplation and practice to prepare the players for the unexpected.  The expected takes care of itself. It is “the little foxes that [destroy] the vines and our vines have tender grapes.”

In this time of wall to wall coverage of news events one becomes sated on news broadcasts that pour forth like a flood 24/7.  There is a tendency to close your mind and not be influenced by the small things.

There is a motto, if you will, that opportunists quote from time to time, “there is profit to be made in midst of chaos” or, as one man recently put it, “a crisis is never a thing to be wasted.”  These people and their actions go undetected and they “make [their] hay while [their] sun shines.”   Their agenda goes forward unseen until it becomes as large as a run-away dreadnaught; it is impossible to be brought under control.

Take care of the little things now while they are small and the big things will take care of themselves.  An accident occurs while the little things are being ignored or taken for granted.  Never take for granted that those in places of authority are taking care of business in those things  with which they are charged with oversight.

The world is being blinded by huge “dust storms” being created in the mainstream news media such as the economic crisis, drug wars, political saber rattling among armed despots over the face of the globe.  They are aided and abetted by the entertainment media which was originally designed to furnish diversion, a form of rest from stress for a short time.   They create productions and productions about how those productions are achieved and to fill in the gaps in 24/7 broadcasting time there are productions that honor the actors that perform in the productions.  Intentionally or inadvertently they are held up as some sort of role model in the flash and glitter of “the red carpet” ceremonies.

The entire broadcast media in the mean time is blasting out sports, movies, special presentations of little known events about lesser known things designed to keep their fans mesmerized.

The big things are being blown out of proportion deliberately to keep minds occupied with overwhelming anxieties about events over which the average citizen has no control even if he were aware of them.  Those things grasp and hold the attention and crowd out the small things such as liberties or freedoms being destroyed in small increments;  freedom is being stolen away from them in small bits every day.

There are at least two world views being promoted; one occupies the air waves and is proliferated through public education 24/7.  One world view is secular.  Secular in religion as well as anti-God.  The second is spiritual and goes unheralded by the mass media mostly by word of mouth from one Christian to another one a time.

God is dead or at least gone away and man is being promoted as the savior of the planet.  Humankind will cause the planet to self destruct if humankind does not work together and with “human” mind power “fix it”. Humankind did nothing to bring the world or the earth on which it functions into existence; but, suddenly there are men and women who have evolved that know what to do and how best to keep it going.  Does that sound rational?

If the earth (as evolutionists contend) has been here forty or fifty billions of years and is still moving in its orbit; how is it that some “flyspeck” on that planet is capable of making or keeping it operating properly?  Or for that matter how do they know, how can they determine what is  the proper or correct way?  No one was here, according to them, with ability to reason or record knowledge or with longevity enough to tell those here now how it started.  But these same super minds are presently making documentaries on “how the world was built.”  There is a “made for television movie” by that name. It is pure arrogance!

It is obvious from simple observation there is order, infinite order, in the planetary systems in space.  It can be analyzed mathematically to the nth  degree.  These things have been calculated.  It is amazing how just a portion of a degree shift in orbit or movement in one or more heavenly bodies would create a chaotic catastrophe.  If that be true how can man, even the most erudite, educated man determine how to “fix” any thing that may go out of sync?

It boggles the mind the arrogance of an Al Gore, a seminary flunk out, who has predicted man will destroy this planet in ten years;  more or less for that matter.   To this man the great minds of the world have presented a great deal of money and praise for his “great wonderful” discoveries.   What is wrong with this picture?

It is more mind boggling the erudite professors and politicians that invite this man to speak and pay great sums of money to him and his cause.  He is invited into public schools to teach children these “theories.”

Every one searches for a training manual for the earth and those that inhabit it.  There is one.  It is called “The Holy Bible.”  The Judeo-Christian world claims that this book is sufficient for faith and practice for all those who will study it.  There is little about this planet and its inhabitants this book does not cover in its pages.  Now is the time to study it and prepare for any future event that can possibly strike.

Does it seem rational to depend on humankind rather than the Creator of the Universe?   It is not for the believer to prove God is; it is for the unbeliever to prove He is not!

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